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A Scientific Peer-reviewed journal published by the Islamic Researches and Studies Center in the Iraqi University. It is specialized in publishing the scientific researches of different specialties such as Islamic sciences, law , media , history, administration , English language , education , economic sciences , Arabic language and arts.

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Signs of Sincerity at The Holy Quran

Farida bint Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Ghamdi

Journal of The Iraqi University, In Press

Sincerity of faith is the gate of acceptance of work; we do not reach paradise only with sincerity and God guided us to that and warned us to take the partner to him; and this is what God ordered by him ں ٔۀ ہ ہ ہ ((). The sincerity of the work is obligatory for the slave in the text of the Qur'aan and Sunnah. The son of Qudam said: "Dedication is important in accepting the work until Ibn Taymiyah Qutb al-Qur'aan It revolves around him (). For this reason I wanted to write in devotion to its importance and being the gate of acceptance of work and without devotion to God frustrates the work and therefore I give the reader this research publicly I have absorbed most of his research. And be methodical as follows: I write the Koranic verses of the Ottoman painting. And put it in brackets Mazhrin. ..Expose the Prophet's Hadith and mention the ruling on attribution if any. Closest book information at the first place of documentation only. I started my research with the introduction and the reason for choosing the subject and its importance and then: Chapter I: Sincerity and related. The first study: (meaning of loyalty). The third question: the truthfulness of sincerity: on the one hand related to work. The fifth topic: pictures of sincerity. The sixth research: fruits and benefits devotion. The seventh topic: degrees of impurities and pests of narcissism. Chapter II: Sincerity in the Koran.
The first topic: Sincerity from the infidels when watching the scourge: The second topic: in the matter of believers. The third topic: In the people of the Book, they were commanded only with sincerity. The fourth topic: In the right of the prophets, and that God Almighty and most of them separated from the people. Fifth: In the hypocrites if they repent. The sixth topic: that the Paradise was only valid for the people of sincerity.
   Then the conclusion contains the most important findings and recommendations.

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